Platinum Financial Partners

Our Approach

Viewing Stocks With a Magnifying Glass

The approach we take at Platinum Financial Partners is based on work done by the founder of Alcoholics Anonymous, Bill Wilson. Before founding AA, he pioneered a new approach to finding investment opportunities based on detailed information about companies and the people who ran them. Wilson's book about it went on to become the Gold Standard for investing that was used by brokerages worldwide.

The information was difficult to find back then, as there was no Internet and very little up-to-date company information. We all know that is not the case today — information is readily available. We do all the legwork for you, researching the "ugly ducks" or unglamorous, nontraditional businesses that will earn you more on your investment than the corporate giants that are heavily publicized. We then use that information, and consider a host of other outside factors that influence stock prices and company valuations, and make recommendations to you on which ones have the most potential for helping you score a big win.